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Senior Club

Under the guidance of the Board of OCPA, with the full support of those families with visiting parents, and the voleenteer service of some dedicated OCPA members, the Senior Club was organized in 1999 by a few warm hearted senior residents.

The aim of the Club is to provide service for the elders most of whom having inconvenience of local communication and trnsportation. Organizing get-togethers,seniors may have the opportunity to meet people and actively become involved both in the Chinese and local American communities, allowing them to enjoy a happier family and social life in this foreign land.

In the past years, the Club with more than 20 active families members has been enthusistically involved in many of activities organized by OCPA, both in and out of the Chinee community, such as the Chinese New Year parties, Chinese Culture Month Parade,celebrations etc.The Senior Chorus has been highly honourned and widely acknowledged in the Orlando Area. The members enjoy the indoor & outdoor self entertaiment too.The newsletter in Chinese is released on occasion.

The current coordinating group of the Club consists of Mr. Mai Yongjiu, Mr.Qiao Ping and Ms. Lu Fengzhen. Based on the budget shared from OCPA, they are planning a monthly get-together in local parks or homes. Support, help and concer in any form, are always highly appreciated. New members are always welcome!More minds and more hands always have the job well done!