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About OCPA

Orlando Chinese Professionals Association (OCPA) is a Florida registered non-profit organization founded in June 1995 by a group of dedicated and enthusiastic Chinese professionals in Orlando. Since then, OCPA has established itself as a dynamic and influential organization serving the interests of local Chinese as well as the community at large. The missions of OCPA are:
  • To provide personal and professional connection between members and promote professionalism and friendship among members
  • To promote the science and technology exchange programs between United States and China
  • To advance Chinese culture and positive image of Chinese-Americans
To provide members the opportunity to meet friends and exchange information, OCPA has organized many large celebrations for major Chinese festivals since 1995. In the year of 2009, there will be five major celebration events to be organized by OCPA - the Chinese New Year Celebration, Spring Family Picnic and Sports Competition, Summer Beach Outing, Moon Festival/Annual Meeting, and Christmas/New Year Cooking Competition. There are also small group events to meet the need of different members and clubs in the organization.

As one of the member organizations of FACPSU (Federation Associations of Chinese Professionals in Southern USA), OCPA has engaged many science and technology exchange programs to benefit both United States and China. Some OCPA members have been invited by various Chinese government branches to be foreign experts for advice. The engagement has also provided OPCA members the opportunity to start up their own business or seeking the business chances for their employer.

OCPA has actively involved in many multi-culture activities and community services in the Orlando area. OCPA is also one of leading organizations for Orlando Chinese Culture Month Celebration and Asian Gala every year. Both events are officially proclaimed by City of Orlando to promote multi-culture awareness. In addition, OCPA has been participated some of the charity activities along with the main stream society.

OCPA is open to all Chinese professionals living in central Florida who recognize its missions. There are currently more than one hundred active members. The activities are often joined by hundreds of Chinese and American people in central Florida.

The communication tools include an e-mail and web page.

OCPA group e-mail: ocpa-info@yahoogroups.com. Please check the rule  of using this email list.
OCPA web page: http://www.ocpa-usa.org

OCPA welcomes all new members to join its big family, and financial support from our members and their organizations. Let's try together to make our community better and improve the quality of our life!